PROFILE OF THE SCHOOL AND COMMUNITY

               Barangay San Dionisio is bounded in the North by La Huerta, in the South by Barangay Manuyo in Las Pinas City, in the East by Barangay Moonwalk and in the West by Manila Bay Coastal Waters.  It has a total land area of 309 hectares and with about 45,000 voting populations.

                                                          SOCIO – ECONOMIC

               The barangay has many existing private andpublic schools, health center, private medical and maternity clinics to take care of its constituents.  There are supermarkets, banks, drugstores, hotels, jeepney and tricycles terminals.  These help in boosting the economy of the barangay.  People works in these establishments and earn money for the daily sustenance of their families.  Majority of the people are working as an employee, tricycle and jeepney operators, drivers, food chain owners, and factory workers in different establishment in Paranaque and within the NCR.


               Barangay San Dionisio boasts of many socio-cultural customs and traditions which were handed down by some of the great ancestors of the place.  Notable among them are the following:

 Ø  Moro-moro  –  a play depicting the lives, problems and conflicts Christians and Muslims in the Philippines.                                This is shown during fiestas and other social events.

 Ø  Sunduan –        a tradition where beautiful ladies of the place wearing fabulous and elegant ternos are fetched                              by  handsome gentlemen from their house and then parade with matching colorful umbrellas                                along the main thorough fares of the barangay.

  Ø Santa Cruzan –  a procession depicting the finding of the cross of Jesus by St. Helena.  In this                                                    religious activity, beautiful ladies dressed in elegant ternos with consort parade  around the                                  community with the prettiest lady as the Reyna Elena.

 Ø  Flores de Mayo- a religious activity where young females offer flowers to the Virgin Mary every night for the                            whole month of May at the chapel or church singing songs of  praises.